Development of a virtual construction approach for steel structures considering structural and nonstructural elements, and installation equipment

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    Phan, Thai
    Ramhormozian, Shahab
    Clifton, Charles
    MacRae, Gregory
    Dhakal, Rajesh
    Jia, Liang-Jiu
    Marks, Stefan
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital Architecture, BIM & City Information Modelling (CIM)


The planning phase of a construction project has a crucial effect on different aspects of the project outcome. There are various software programs developed and widely used to help with construction planning, however many construction projects still grow over limits, as the reality is still much more complicated than any model. Hence, more sophisticated software and methods need to be developed in order to minimize the gap between modelling and the reality. Visualization of construction processes using building-information-models (BIM) is a new trend in construction planning. This research aims to investigate previous works on visualization of construction processes using information technology, analyse various techniques and tool sets, and choose a method to apply to the steel structures construction, considering structural and non-structural elements as well as installation equipment. The specific case study is a three-storey steel structure with a height of 4m per storey proposed via the ROBUST (Robust Building Systems) project, which is a joint NZ-China research with the intention of improving buildings’ seismic resiliency. The building will be built and tested on a shaking table at the International joint research Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering (ILEE) located in China.

Keywords: virtual construction; steel structures; construction element; game engine


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