Design and develop smart asset management leveraging BIM for life cycle management of building assets in Vietnam

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    To Thi Huong, Quynh
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Thinking and Innovation


Along with the life cycle of building assets, their owners have submitted to increasing challenges, from quality issues, degraded indoor environment, high running expenses; as well as increasing sustainability requirements to reduce both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. To meet these challenges, the owner of a pilot building project in Vietnam had to innovate both management and operation methods in order to optimise building effectiveness together with the improvement of its performances. The chosen strategy was based on smart asset management which leveraging Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other related technologies (Barcode, Sensor technology, Internet of Things). This paper presents the design of a smart asset management model applied to this pilot building in Vietnam. The model has concerned different issues not only leveraging innovative technology but also management method approaches of each building base on its characteristics, such as optimising management process, evaluating management performance by KPIs as well as managing asset information throughout the building life-cycle.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling (BIM), smart asset management, building life cycle, Vietnam.


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