Developing a framework for evaluating creativity in parametric design

  • YEAR
    Lee, Ju Hyun
    Gu, Ning
    Sherratt, Sue
    2011 Conference Papers
    Computer Science


Pioneering studies have demonstrated that parametric design generates creative
variations. However, there has been a lack of formal understandings to evaluate creativity in
parametric design. This research develops an evaluation framework for parametric design in the early
design phase. The evaluation framework is derived from the critical analysis of design creativity models
and design evaluation criteria. The framework includes the evaluation of creativity from design process
to design outcome in the context of parametric design. This paper focuses on the conceptual
evaluation framework, which comprises a coding scheme for the protocol analysis of the design
process, and evaluation criteria for the expert panel assessment of the design outcome. The
theoretically-based framework, including the coding scheme and the evaluation criteria, presents a
crucial starting point to formally understand creativity in parametric design as well as a novel approach
for evaluating this creativity. Future research will include empirical studies on practices that adopt
parametric design, in order to refine and verify this framework.


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