A Pilot Study on Users’ IEQ Perceptions in a Residential Aged Care Facility in Melbourne

  • YEAR
    Chau, Hing‐wah
    Aye, Lu
    Noguchi, Masa
    Newton, Clare
    Zhou, Jin
    Woo, Catherine Mei Min
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Building Science and Built Environment Quality


The aged population in Australia is expanding rapidly. To cater for the Australia’s ageing population, there is a significant increase in demand for aged care facilities over the coming decades. The indoor environmental quality (IEQ) affects users’ physical health and psychological wellbeing. However, systematic research on the relationship between users’ perceptions and IEQ of aged care facilities has yet to be developed. In this pilot study, a residential aged care
facility in Melbourne was selected as a case study for investigating the differences between the measured IEQ data and the users’ perceived individual comfort. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect the perceptions of users on IEQ. Environmental sensors which enable web-based data monitoring were deployed. The measured data were then analysed together with the questionnaire survey results for drawing a comparison with the users’ perceptions. It was found that the measurements by environmental sensors are realistic and the survey questionnaires are appropriate for the study. For the future surveys, the language barrier needs to be considered for non-English speakers.


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