Architectural Science Review (ASR)

Founded at the University of Sydney in 1958 by Professor Henry Cowan to promote continued professional development, Architectural Science Review (ASR) presents a balanced collection of papers on a wide range of topics. From its first issue over 50 years ago, the ASR journal documents professional interest in environmental issues grounded in the science of heat, light, and sound, contributing to this extensive field of knowledge by seeking papers from a broad geographical area. The ASA (ANZAScA) Conference is affiliated to the ASR Journal, and the journal publishes a selection of the best conference papers each year.

The journal is supported by an international editorial advisory board of the leading international academics and its reputation has increased globally with individual and institutional subscribers and contributors from around the world. As a result, Architectural Science Review continues to be recognised as not only one of the first, but the leading journal devoted to architectural science, technology and the built environment. The journal’s reputation was substantiated in 2010 by the achievement of an ‘A’ level ranking in the ‘Excellence in Research for Australia’ (ERA) review.

From the time of its founding, ASR has published original research papers and extensive book reviews in all areas of architectural science including Acoustics, Digital Architecture, Environmental Design, Lighting, Structural Engineering, and Sustainability. Since 2006, we have also published invited review papers, shorter research notes, abstracts of PhD dissertations and theses, and letters to the editor, and occasional special issues on topics of central importance to the field. ASR continues to encourage submissions from early career researchers and it is indeed rewarding to see many publish their first scientific papers in the pages of ASR.